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Museos en Toluca

Thanks to the high cultural level of Toluca, the city has a wealth of museums. Proof of this must be stressed the Fine Arts Museum which houses paintings and sculptures of great artistic legacy and significance; the Museum of Estampa, museums Jose Maria Velasco and Felipe Gutierrez, Mexiquense Cultural Center and the Museum of Numismatics are some enclosures that you walk in the city should not forget to visit them.

Cultural Center Mexiquense

Opened on April 27, 1987 and occupies 177,989 hectares, this beautiful place located west of the city of Toluca hosts museums of Anthropology and History of Modern Art and Popular Culture, in addition to the Central Public Library and the Historical Archives State.

The Museum of Anthropology and History is divided into several chambers, devoted to pre-Hispanic times, colonial and contemporary independent of Mexico, as well as a special room in which it addresses the issue of environment and its care.

On the other hand, the Museum of Popular Culture hosts in their rooms samples of craft work that takes place throughout the state. Here you can choose from a large "Tree of Life" more than 5 metres in height, to objects of pottery, basketry, silverware, glass and more, the same way there is colonial and fine furniture manufacturing on the art of charrería and everything what is used in this activity.

The Museum of Modern Art consists of seven rooms that follow a chronological order and which are works from 1910 to date, and are divided by styles and currents of contemporary plastic. This compound also has a multi-purpose room and a library.

The Central Public Library, in addition to consult books and materials hemerográficos, you can access audio-visual and photographic equipment, as well as in the auditorium of the Library are held conferences and cycles of art, it is worth mentioning that all the work is contained in this precinct designated as a cultural heritage invaluable not only for the culture of the State of Mexico, but for the country itself.

An approximately 20 million documents dealing with the state's history is what you get at the Historical Archives, a place in which we can find further information about the Viceroyalty of New Spain, liberalism, the industrialization of the State of Mexico and Governments of major characters, as Don Isidro Fabela.

Museum of Fine Arts

Located in the heart of Toluca, 60 km from the town of Mexico, the Fine Arts Museum was inaugurated in the year 1945. Although it was built to function as a convent of Discalced Carmelites, this museum is a best neoclassic buildings adorned with Baroque elements.

Such cultural precinct is composed of two plants that communicate with each other and which expose novohispanas paintings from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries of different artists, as well as collections of furniture and sculptures of the viceroyalty.

Museum Jose Maria Velasco

This beautiful building located in the center of the city of Toluca, served as a dwelling to cure Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, and since 1992 was adapted to house the museum now "Jose Maria Velasco." This compound of the nineteenth century, it consists of 11 rooms: 7 devoted to the work of landscape architect Jose Maria Velasco, 2 others addressing the issues and concerns of the Mexican painters of the second half of the nineteenth century, and the last 2 are special rooms for temporary exhibitions. In addition, the museum has a library and cafeteria.

Museum of Numismatics

Located at Avenida Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, number 506 west of the city of Toluca, this beautiful museum was built by the state government of Mexico to disseminate and preserve our historical past, through knowledge of the developments and changes that have experienced our currency.

In this compound offers to its visitors, as well as a permanent exhibition on the monetary situation from the pre-Hispanic era to the present day, both temporary exhibits as plastic coins, lectures and guided tours.

Museum of Estampa

The Museum of Estampa of Toluca was founded in 1987 and was located at Av. Morelos, in the building where it is today Library Pedagogical. Due to the fire of the building in the year 1992,

Its facilities were at the Miguel Hidalgo Avenue in front of the House of Culture of Toluca, a place in which it is currently.

Its permanent exhibit halls prints, serigraphs, lithographs and other printed recorders Mexicans and foreigners who dealt with the customs and landscape of Mexico.



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